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Goal:  $50,000 Raised:  $57,674

Thank you for making  

this year a success! 



The Norwalk PTO would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that supported the new Warrior Dash this year. It has been overwhelming to see all the support coming in forms of donations and also seeing all the faces that showed up to support all the students. The students had a blast! We are pleased to announce that we did reach and exceed our goal of $50,000. The final number is over $60,000!   That is amazing and will help Oviatt and Lakewood with many projects in the coming year. 


Classroom Winners:
Each classroom in each grade with the most amount of donations received $100!

     Kindergarten- Mrs. Squiers with $1404 

     1st Grade- Mrs. Innis with $1810 

     2nd Grade- Mrs. Phillips with $1418 

     3rd Grade- Mrs. Hoskins with $1445 

     4th Grade- Mrs. Sinclair with $1519 

     5th Grade- Mrs. Stucky with $1471 


Donations received per grade level were as follows: 

     Kindergarten- $9615 

     1st Grade- $11,704 

     2nd Grade- $9904 

     3rd Grade- $9427 

     4th Grade- $7180 

     5th Grade- $9594 


Oviatt Warrior Dash - Fun Facts  

     Students ran a total of 2,929 laps on Sept 20th which equals out to be 732.25 miles! 

     On an average students received 9 bracelets (8 bracelets would equal 1 mile) 


Lakewood students had a beautiful day of weather for their Warrior Dash. Students did four different obstacles where they received a bracelet for completing and then ran a lap around the school. When offered to run extra laps for extra bracelets most kids took the extra laps. With the obstacles and 1 lap they would have ran just slightly over a mile. Each extra lap was mile. Many students ran anywhere from 2-4 extra laps. 

Great job Oviatt and Lakewood!  We are proud of the students for their perseverance during the Warrior Dash and their hard work getting donations that the schools will put to good use! 

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at Fun Night on Saturday, October 29th!  

Norwalk PTO 













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